Online Danish Courses

Online Danish Course

Students looking to get an online Danish diploma or an online Danish degree should start with both an online Danish course and an interactive online Danish class. Online Danish school may be daunting but the benefits are great as online Danish classes are becoming more sophisticated as they are becoming more popular.

Danish is a North-Germanic language that is spoken by about six million people worldwide and Standard Danish is that dialect spoken in and around Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen.

Online Danish courses tend to concentrate on teaching the grammar of the language more than anything else, although vocabulary is also strongly stressed. Resources that are presently available online that can be used in an online Danish class include a Danish / English basic dictionary, a Danish / English / Danish dictionary, an abbreviation glossary and wordlists for specific subjects like genealogy, needlework and radio-technical subjects. There are also over 1,600 audio files available online, which are aimed at helping the student learn exact pronunciation of Danish words and phrases.

A typical online Danish course will concentrate on teaching students simple words and phrases to use in familiar settings like at the table, over the phone or on a job interview. Grammar is usually divided into sections on verbs and nouns, with those on verbs including in-depth tutorials on subjects like modal verbs, reflexive verbs and the passive voice. In the tutorials on nouns, on the other hand, subjects to be covered include gender (which is quite different from English as Danish has no personal pronouns), noncount nouns and compound nouns.

There are also those online Danish courses that provide a student certification in some type of online Danish diploma or online Danish degree. These courses will have met the requirements for the Council of Europe’s syllabus for Level A2, Waystage, and passing them will provide the student with the A2 European Language Certificate. This certificate is recognized throughout Europe and indicates that the student has graduated from a reputable online Danish school.

Danish is not the only language that can be learnt through online courses and there are, in fact, many other online language courses available. These include courses for such – to English speakers – daunting languages as Arabic and Chinese but a student needs only to review the many online Arabic courses and online Chinese courses available today to put his mind at ease.